sUAV Telecom

sUAVs (Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) Are gaining popularity in all industries, especially Telecom.

With all the potential safety risks and risk of damage to competitors equipment it only makes sense to use a sUAV for tasks such as Third Party audits, Site Surveys, Pre-Con, Pre-Con- Mod, Engineering Photos and Videos.



sUAV Operations Specialist

The FAA has tight restrictions on who, how, why and where sUAV pilots fly. The FAA requires a certification and an on staff Pilot to operate the sUAV. These certification maintain the proper airspace use for sUAV and other possible Aircraft.


ByteSignal Tower Top Inspections

Our UAV systems can identify and collect any data needed from the towers top. Anything from equipment temperature to installation quality and configuration.

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sUAV Safety Audits

sUAVs can be used to pre-inspect a tower before sending  humans up to do construction or other work. Thereby identifying potential safety hazards that may exist at the top out of view from the ground; even with aid of binoculars or telephoto lens outfitted camera equipment.


Wind Turbine Inspection

Many times Wind Turbines can develop cracks and stress fractures and sUAVs allow you to get a vantage point like no other to identify these issues long before a catastrophic event.



Oil and Gas Inspections

Oil fields and lengthy pipe lines can be inspected via UAV in much less time and far more safely, than with use of manpower and standard wheeled vehicles.





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